The Unified DeFi Layer


Bonsai Finance streamlines the DeFi experience, offering seamless one-click and gasless transactions.

Utilizing the innovative approach of account abstraction, we seamlessly integrate premier DeFi DApps to facilitate automated, optimized strategies, making sophisticated financial operations accessible to all users with ease and efficiency.

The Problem

Navigating the DeFi landscape presents a complex challenge, both for newcomers and seasoned users alike. The current ecosystem demands constant vigilance in managing diverse positions across various platforms, the tedious task of switching blockchains, and the utmost care in safeguarding seed phrases that often extend to 12 or 24 words. The sheer volume of information to remember, coupled with the intricacies of engaging with new protocols for yield generation, can be daunting. This multifaceted environment, while rich in opportunity, often leads to an overwhelming experience, heightening the risk of missteps that could result in the loss of funds.

What we are building

At Bonsai, we are revolutionizing the DeFi interface by introducing login capabilities via email, a step away from traditional wallet connections. This innovation is made possible by account abstraction, enhancing security and simplifying user experience. With Bonsai, entering the DeFi space is as straightforward as logging in with an email, bolstered by two-factor authentication. Engage effortlessly with a variety of DeFi vaults and investments through a single action.

Moreover, Bonsai enables the automation of trades and investments. For instance, users can set up strategies to swap USDC for ETH when the price hits a specific threshold, or sell ETH at higher price points, and then reinvest the proceeds in platforms like AAVE to earn a consistent APY. This automation leverages Session Keys, granting users the flexibility to authorize transactions and manage their financial strategies efficiently, with the option to revoke permissions as needed, ensuring security and control.

Pay Gas Fees with USDC or ERC-20 Tokens on Bonsai

Bonsai, operating on the Optimism network, takes advantage of reduced gas fees. This innovative approach allows users to avoid holding ETH in their Bonsai wallets. Thanks to account abstraction, gas fees can be conveniently paid using USDC or other ERC-20 tokens, streamlining transactions and enhancing user experience.

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